Learn HCIS Strategic Planning

The Objective of our weekly Strategic Planning Sessions is to identify and implement best methods to audit, modify (as needed) and market the Learn HCIS virtual learning platform, to various educational organizations and government entities.

Your contribution to this endeavor is greatly appreciated!

Strategic Planning Questionnaire

  • Future Tasks: 
    1. Prepare SWOT on Learn HCIS vis-a-vis other similar online platforms
    2. Start Deck: clearly visible features & benefits of Learn HCIS
    3. Everyone to start existing LVN course on Learn HCIS. Take notes where improvements are needed. Capture in shared doc & share this with Tobi’s team.
  • Important requirement: We will audit the existing course from start to finish. All communication, engagement, collaboration to be done at Learn HCIS via group DM and within our communication platforms.