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Closing Comments

April 11, 2024

Closing Comments

Patient Coaching

During a radiographic imaging procedure, the limited machine x-ray operator takes the lead in the examination. The LXMO must explain the examination to the patient and provide instructions regarding positioning. Effective communication is critical to achieve quality patient care. Positive interactions ensure a cooperative patient and successful examination.

Legal and Ethical Issues

A limited x-ray machine operator performs radiographic procedures within the limited scope of practice, producing images at the request of and for interpretation by a licensed physician. Limited x-ray machine operators are individuals other than radiographers who perform diagnostic images on selected anatomic sites. They must demonstrate an understanding of anatomy, pathology, and medical terminology. Limited x-ray machine operators must possess, use, and maintain a high degree of accuracy in positioning and exposure techniques. They must possess, apply, and maintain knowledge of radiation protection and safety.
Radiologic technology is an evolving profession. Radiographers are expected to adhere to the field’s particular ethical and legal standards. Any persons who do not comply with this code may lose their license and the privileges of the profession. Limited x-ray machine operators must practice within the established scope of practice and practice standards. A profession’s practice standards serve as a guide for appropriate practice. The practice standards define the practice and establish general criteria to determine compliance. Practice standards are authoritative statements established by the profession for evaluating the quality of practice, service, and education provided by individuals within the profession.