Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Critical Thinking Questions

August 31, 2021
  1. What would be most important to do first if you needed to develop a teaching plan for Mr. Brown, who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
  2. Give some examples of ways in which the nurse’s skill in talking and teaching can affect outcomes of patient teaching.
  3. Giving information in a teaching plan is necessary for patient understanding and compliance. How might the following sentences be changed to provide better patient understanding?
    1. “Take this tablet twice a day.”
    2. “You can have three pieces of bread a day on your new diet.”
    3. “A dish of macaroni equals one serving.”
    4. “You need to drink at least three glasses of water a day.”
    5. “It might be a good idea to cut down to two cups of coffee a day.”
  4. Go online to answer the following questions.
    1. Search for information about three common drugs.
    2. Evaluate the Internet sites you find:
      1. How recent is the information provided?
      2. Who is providing the information on the website?
      3. Is the website selling a product?
      4. How complete do you believe the information is?
      5. Is this a website you would refer to someone else?
      6. Does this website have good information to share with patients?
    3. Discuss your experiences using the Internet with your nursing classmates.