Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Review Questions for the NCLEX® Examination

June 21, 2021
  1. The most important time to obtain assessment data on the patient is:
    1. any time care is administered by the nurse.
    2. when the patient is first admitted to the hospital.
    3. when the patient’s condition changes significantly.
    4. any time additional objective data are required.
  2. The nurse assesses the patient’s drug history with the knowledge that the prescription medication frequently overlooked by patients in providing information for a drug history is:
    1. laxatives.
    2. antacids.
    3. birth control pills.
    4. aspirin.
  3. The nurse is considering various factors in planning to give a medication. The highest priority step in the planning process is:
    1. collect and use information about the patient and the medication.
    2. develop a teaching plan for the patient.
    3. decide on a reason for the administration of the medication.
    4. plan for special equipment that will be needed.
  4. Which patient is most at risk to experience a medication error?
    1. A 38-year-old male patient admitted for repair of a fractured femur
    2. A 14-year-old female patient who is experiencing a urinary tract infection
    3. A 52-year-old female presurgical patient who speaks English as a second language
    4. An 82-year-old male who is experiencing a cardiac dysrhythmia
  5. The most appropriate way to evaluate the result of the administration of an antipyretic medication is:
    1. measure the patient’s blood pressure.
    2. measure the patient’s respiratory rate.
    3. measure the patient’s temperature.
    4. measure the patient’s radial pulse.