Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Review Questions for the NCLEX® Examination

August 31, 2021
  1. The nurse is caring for an older adult female whose only income is a small pension. A treatment goal for the patient is to lose 25 pounds, which may help reduce her blood pressure. The nurse finds that although the patient is eager to lose weight, she didn’t buy the recommended food because it was too expensive. The main reason this patient is not meeting her treatment goal is:
    1. she did not understand what to do.
    2. she does not believe the plan should be carried out.
    3. she believes something should be done but does not implement the plan.
    4. she believes something should be done but does not have money to do it.
  2. The nurse is preparing to develop objectives for a teaching session. The highest priority action regarding the development of objectives is:
    1. make the objectives broad enough to be easily achieved.
    2. do not involve the patient in the planning process.
    3. ensure that the objectives are specific and measurable.
    4. make certain that the objectives only involve one teaching model.
  3. The nurse has been teaching the patient how to self-administer injections. The most appropriate way to determine how well the material has been learned is:
    1. have the patient demonstrate the procedure for administration of an injection.
    2. ask the patient to complete a written evaluation of the teaching material.
    3. ask the patient if he feels comfortable administering the injection to himself.
    4. have the patient repeat information about the administration of injections.
  4. The nurse is developing handouts for an older adult patient. The highest priority nursing action will be:
    1. include content from at least six objectives.
    2. use a font size of at least 14 points.
    3. present information in paragraph style.
    4. avoid using photographs or illustrations.
  5. The patient has questions related to a television ad for a drug company’s product. This is an opportunity for the nurse to accurately assess:
    1. the patient’s reading level.
    2. the patient’s motivation for learning.
    3. the patient’s need for a variety of teaching methods.
    4. the patient’s information about the medication.