Lesson 1, Topic 1
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April 11, 2024


Mai Vang is a medical assistant who has been working at the Walden Martin Family Medical (WMFM) Clinic for 2 years. She really wanted to work in a family practice clinic so she could see patients of varying ages and medical conditions. Mai has noticed that skin conditions are a frequent reason for patient visits. When she was in high school, she visited her physician to get help for an acne breakout that would not go away. She remembers feeling self-conscious about the condition, so she tries to be especially sensitive to patients with skin diseases and disorders. There is a new patient on the schedule today, Casey Hernandez, and the scheduler indicates that the visit is to discuss possible treatments for acne. Mai understands that she needs to be familiar with common diseases and disorders that affect the skin, be ready to assist with dermatologic procedures, and be prepared to reinforce patient education about the treatment and prevention of dermatologic conditions.

While studying this chapter, think about the following questions :

• What are the basic anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system?
• What are common diseases and disorders that affect the integumentary system?
• How can Mai determine the difference between the levels of burn injuries?
• Why is it important that Mai understand the concepts of staging and grading malignant tumors?
• What are the primary malignancies of the skin?
• What dermatologic procedures should Mai be prepared to assist with in a dermatology practice?