Lesson 1, Topic 1
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April 11, 2024

Cecilia Cukier, CMA (AAMA), has worked at Walden-Martin Family Medical (WMFM) Clinic for 3 years. She enjoys working with the primary care providers. Working with patients who have diabetes mellitus has been a special interest of hers since her medical assistant practicum in college. When a position was posted to work with the outreach endocrinology team, which came from a clinic 50 miles away, Cecilia applied for the position. She was accepted and now will be working 2 days a week with the endocrinology team, which sees WMFM Clinic patients. During the remaining 3 days, Cecilia will continue to work with the primary care team.
Cecilia is excited to start working with the endocrinology team and patients. She has decided to review the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the endocrine system in preparation for her new duties.
While studying this chapter, think about the following questions:
            • What structures are in the endocrine system?
            • What are the functions of the endocrine system?
            • What are commonly diagnosed endocrine diseases and disorders? What are the etiologies, signs and symptoms, diagnostic processes, and treatments?
            • What are the medical assistant’s primary responsibilities when working with patients with endocrine diseases and disorders?