Lesson 1, Topic 1
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April 11, 2024

Renee Thomas, CMA (AAMA), was hired 6 months ago. She assists the specialists who hold outreach clinics at Walden-Martin Family Medical (WMFM) Clinic. On Tuesdays, the pulmonologist from a local larger city comes to assist in the pulmonary outreach clinic. The pulmonologist brings his own equipment and one medical assistant, John.
      Renee’s job is to help the pulmonology medicine team because she knows the WMFM Clinic and the local community resources. Renee studied the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system during her medical assistant training. She learned about common diseases but found that she has a lot more to learn. Besides obtaining patients’ vital signs and medical histories, Renee performs a pulse oximetry. She has observed John performing a spirometry test, which she will learn to do in the future.
In her work with the pulmonologist and John, Renee sees patients with many interesting respiratory diseases. She continues to learn from her work with the specialist and the patients.
While studying this chapter, think about the following questions:
            • What structures are in the respiratory system?
            • What are the functions of the respiratory system?
            • What are commonly diagnosed respiratory diseases and disorders? What are the etiologies, signs and symptoms, diagnostic processes, and treatments?
            • What are the medical assistant’s primary responsibilities when working with patients with respiratory diseases and disorders?