Lesson 1, Topic 1
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April 11, 2024


anesthetic    (an ehs THET ik) An agent that causes partial or complete loss of sensation.
dextrose    (DEK strose) A glucose solution administered intravenously.
extravasation    (eks trav ah SAY shun) A discharge of fluid or blood from the blood vessel into the tissues.
flow rate    The number of drops (gtt) in 1 minute required to infuse the ordered solution; also called the drip rate.
infusion rate    The volume of fluid infused per hour; written as mL/hr.
interstitial fluid    Liquid found between the cells of the body.
intravenous    (in TRAH vee nus) Through a vein; fluids and medications can be given through a vein.
intravenous therapy    Administration and monitoring of fluid and medication by intravenous infusion.
patency    (PAT en see) Open condition of a body cavity or canal.
phlebitis    (fle BYE tis) Inflammation of a vein.
solute    A substance that is dissolved in a solvent (liquid) to form a solution.
solvent    A liquid that is able to dissolve other substances.
vesicant    (VES i kant) medicationA medication that can damage tissue and can produce blisters.