HCISBH – Combines Healthcare and Learning On Campus for Students K-12

Among school-based health clinic models across the US, HCISBH is unique.  HCISBH is the first school-based health clinic in the country to be approved by the US DOL to offer apprenticeship programs to high school students as young as 16 years.

HCISBH was founded by Edna Miller, MS Ed Psych, 18 years ago, on the premise that, if a student is healthy in mind and body, she/he can better learn and succeed academically and has a significantly greater opportunity to achieve the education and skills necessary (including earning a valuable apprenticeship certification and training) to be employment-ready upon graduation from high school and to qualify for work in a career that earns an upward-mobile living wage.

To put it another way, a student cannot be expected to succeed in the classroom when he/she is experiencing the effects of childhood trauma.  Trauma is often externalized in a school setting where children K-12 spend most of their waking hours. It can be manifested by delinquent and aggressive behaviors, bullying, clinical depression, risky sexual behaviors, suicidal behaviors, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction. Often these dysfunctional behaviors overlap with chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes, or are exacerbated by poor nutrition, childhood obesity, or exposure to environmental toxins, such as lead paint poisoning in the home.

HCISBH delivers comprehensive on-campus healthcare services, including mental, behavioral and physical health assessments, interventions, referrals, and follow-up care, all in collaboration with local and regional partners.  What makes HCISBH especially innovative is that our model is currently offering healthcare-related career pathway courses and certifications, including two US DOL-approved apprenticeship programs – one for Medical Assistant and a second for Licensed Vocational (Practical) Nurse. Both apprenticeships utilize the on-campus clinic to complete their required clinical rotations.

HCISBH & Its Community Classroom – Career Pathways and US DOL Apprenticeship Programs

As part of its campus-based clinic, HCISBH has an educational component that takes place in a separate campus-based Community Classroom as an integral part of the HCISBH clinic model.  This space is designed to not only keep students actively engaged on campus and interested in learning about health issues relevant to them and to the communities in which they live, but to teach offered programs that prepare students for a career in a healthcare-related field that can begin immediately upon graduation from high school.

The Career Pathways program was developed by Justin Miller and approved by the Compton Unified School District in 2015. It is an educational curriculum offered by HCISBH without cost to students that provides students with industry-standard certifications and US DOL approved apprenticeship programs that include required onsite clinical practicum for which students are paid. These industry standard certifications and US DOL apprenticeship certifications qualify students to begin work in a meaningful career upon graduation from high school and/or to continue their medical education at a more advanced stage.