Student’s Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel your enrollment agreement including any equipment such as books, materials, and supplies or any other goods related to the instruction offered in the agreement, if notice of cancellation is made within seven (7) calendar days (excluding holidays) of enrollment or by the seventh (7th) calendar day of your first term, whichever is later.

Cancellation shall occur when you give written notice of cancellation at the address of HCISBH shown on top of the front page of your enrollment agreement.  You can also do this by mail, hand delivery, or email.  The written notice of cancellation need not take any particular form and, however expressed, it is effective if it shows that you no longer wish to be bound by the agreement.

If you cancel the agreement, HCISBH will refund 100 percent of the amount paid for institutional charges, with a deduction for equipment not returned in a timely manner in good condition, within 15 days after your notice of cancellation is received.

You have the right to withdraw from a program at any time.  For the purposes of determining the amount you owe for the time you attended, you shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the program when any of the following occurs:

  1. You notify HCISBH of your withdrawal or the actual date of withdrawal; or
  2. HCISBH terminates your enrollment; or
  3. You fail to attend any classes for fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days without making prior arrangements with HCISBH.

If you withdraw from the program after the period allowed for cancellation of the agreement), HCISBH will  not issue a refund.   For students receiving funds through the Federal Student Aid program, unearned funds will be returned to the lenders in the order required under Federal Law.  For non-federal student financial aid program moneys, the institutional/California state refund policy shall be a pro rata refund of moneys paid for institutional charges for students who have completed 60 percent or less of the period of attendance.  If any portion of those charges was paid from the proceeds of a non-federal loan, then the refund will be sent to the lender or to the agency that guaranteed the loan, if any.  Any remaining balance will be paid to you by those entities.

If you obtained equipment as specified in the agreement as a separate charge, and return it in unused, like new condition within 10 days following the date of your cancellation or withdrawal, HCISBH shall refund the charge for the equipment paid by you.  If you purchase textbooks through HCISBH’s vendor and return the books to the vendor within ten (10) days of the first day of classes in an unopened condition, you will be fully credited the cost of the books, less shipping fees.  Books returned after the ten (10) day period or returned in an opened or used condition will be credited back to your account as used books, pursuant to the book vendor’s used book buy-back policy. If you fail to return the equipment in good condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear, within this 10-day period, HCISBH may offset against the refund the documented cost to HCISBH of that equipment.  You shall be liable for the amount, if any by which the documented cost for equipment exceeds the prorated refund amount.  The documented cost of equipment may be less than the amount charged, and the amount HCISBH has charged in the contract.  In any event, you will never be charged more than the equipment charges stated in the contract.  HCISBH will not buy back used kits.

Federal regulations state that the amount of a Title IV refund is based on the percentage of Title IV funds earned by the student at the time of withdrawal.  In order to determine whether Title IV funds must be returned, HCISBH must calculate the following:

  • To determine the percentage of the payment period completed, the number of days* attended in the payment period is divided by the total days* in the payment period. *Days = calendar days for purposes of this formula, and therefore include weekends and holidays. Only scheduled breaks of 5 days or more and approved leave of absences are excluded.
  • The net amount of Title IV funds disbursed, and what could have been disbursed for the payment period is multiplied by the percentage of the payment period completed. The result is the amount of earned Title IV aid.
  • The earned aid is subtracted from the aid that was actually disbursed to or on behalf of the student.
  • The institution will return the lesser of the total earned aid or the unearned institutional charges for the payment period.
  • Unearned aid is allocated back to the Title IV programs in the following order as specified by law:

If excess funds remain after repaying all outstanding loan amounts, the remaining excess shall be credited in the following order:

  1. Federal Pell Grant Program
  2. Academic Competitiveness Grants (ACG)
  3. Federal SEOG Program
  4. Other assistance awarded

Note:  After the institution has allocated the unearned aid, any amount owed by the student to a grant program is reduced by 50%.

In addition to the Return of Title IV requirements for federal financial aid recipients, the institution is required by the State to calculate a prorated refund for all students who have completed less than 60% of their period of attendance, regardless of whether or not the student received Title IV funds.  However, the federal formula for Return of Title IV funds may result in a larger refund than the state refund policy.  In that case, the institution and/or the student must return the sum resulting in the larger of the two calculations to the appropriate Title IV program.  Therefore, the student may, after Title IV funds are returned, owe a balance to the institution.