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Youth Apprentice Enrollment Application for Medical Assistants

What is Apprenticeship? The training model of Registered Apprenticeship provides a unique combination of structured learning with on-the-job training from an assigned mentor and instructor.


Health Care Integrated Services (HCIS) is offering your child the opportunity for college level training and education without the responsibility of student loans.


HCIS Apprenticeship is a program designed to create career opportunities for juniors and seniors that extend beyond high school academics. The program is designed for high school students interested in earning a license or certification in a Health Care STEM-related area, skilled occupation and want hands on learning at a worksite along with classroom instruction. Similar to a registered apprenticeship for adults, the employer invests time and money to prepare students for ongoing employment and advancement. Youth apprentices can start their program in the summer or fall of their junior or senior year. The youth apprentice is mentored for 500 hours on the worksite and at the same time, students take one year of related courses. There may be some paid work experience but not guaranteed. Youths can commit to one or two years in the program, depending on the student’s year in school and the occupation of the apprenticeship.

Your child’s course schedule is related to the apprenticeship to help them learn the skills needed to be successful on the job, and they will earn credit toward graduation.

Receive a State-issued industry skills certificate upon successfully completing the program to use as proof of their abilities and skills.


There will be no out-of-pocket cost to the apprentice.


The Apprentice MAY NOT begin training without Consent, and the application is complete. NO HOURS WILL BE CREDITED BEFORE APPRENTICE REGISTRATION.